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Soundcloud signs out users in wake of Heartbleed bug

Lewis Leong


Soundcloud has taken swift action after yesterday’s news about Heartbleed, the cryptography bug that has left a majority of the web vulnerable. The music streaming site is signing users out to apply an update to its servers.

If you’re not familiar with the Heartbleed vulnerability, the bug basically allows hackers to eavesdrop on your connection to a website. This allows them to find information like user names and passwords. 66% of all websites use OpenSSL, the cryptography protocol that contains the Heartbleed bug.

Soundcloud signs out users in wake of Heartbleed bug

Soundcloud Heartbleed warning

Soundcloud users will have to sign back in for the changes to take effect. The company also urges users to change their password just in case.

While Soundcloud has not detected “any exploitation of this vulnerability,” it doesn’t mean user information will be safe. The scariest thing about Heartbleed is that the bug has been around for two years, undetected until yesterday. Hacks using the exploit go undetected since it’s untraceable.

To protect yourself, sign out of Soundcloud and log back in. Then change your password just in case. Make sure your password us unique and use password lockers like 1Password and LastPass to create and store unique passwords for all your sites.

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